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Anonymous asked: It's not a hobby, it's an excuse for attention! Weed is the last resort of the braindead, lemmings of this generation! It's not used for creativity or expanding the mind, like it was meant to be... you're worse, you're a follower...


obviously I know who said this, so I’m not sure why you’re on anon. Look, you are totally entitled to your opinion. No one is going to take that away from you. Weed has been great for my anxiety, and my optical migraines. I’ve laughed harder and made better food stoned than I ever will in sober life. I’m not a follower. I’m not a complacent sheople. I’m actually pretty smart, and I enjoy my life. I enjoy it stoned, and I certainly enjoy it sober.

I’m pretty sure the last thing that people who smoke weed want to do is call attention to themselves. Realistically they want to eat Cheetos and watch Monte Python movies. Some people, no do not use it for creativity or expanding their minds, but that’s their right. It’s what they do in their spare time and I can’t tell them not to. It’s not fair to lump an entire population of people into one stereotype. Some people use it for medical reasons, that doesn’t make them brain dead losers. We all have our reasons for why we do what we do/don’t do. Why hate on someone else? You don’t know who they are or what their day was like. 

I’m not here to argue with you about whether it’s right or wrong to smoke pot. I AM here to tell you however, that you’re more than entitled to your opinion, but that’s just the thing. It’s an opinion and it doesn’t make you right. I’m always happy to share my opinions and talk with someone about how our opinions differ, but I can see very easily that this conversation is not headed in a respectful, or even thought provoking manner. 

Anonymous asked: same anon as before... You don't think this whole thing has been ridiculous? You literally seem to be no better now than you were a year ago. Still heart broken over someone who doesn't want you.


I really don’t need this right now. It’s none of your business, and guess what. Some people take longer to heal than others. I’m MUCH better than I was a year ago. So things didn’t work out, guess what. It happens. Doesn’t mean that it’s forever, and even if it is, she’s still my friend. I’m okay with how things are between us and I’m glad she’s happy. That’s what matters. Everyone needs to be happy. 

I think you need to mind your own goddamn business or tell me who you are. 


literal lyrics

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let me lay on your lap so you can stroke my hair and call me your baby

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Drivers these days.

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Anonymous asked: It doesn't matter who I am. I asked a simple question. It's amazing that you're still hurting over this. Why does it matter?


wow. This is really intrusive and kind of rude. 

It matters because it matters. Obviously I’m moving past the feelings I had. But regardless when you love someone you don’t just forget about them. You don’t just forget about the feelings you had. You don’t forget about how they used to look at you. You don’t forget how they used to touch you. These things mean something and they are hard to get over. 

But I’m moving past all this. I went on a date today. It went super well. She’s like a real life Alex Vause, or in other words my wet dream and a total badass. Things are better now than they have been. 

Anonymous asked: Are you planning to go back to IN any time soon? Would you see your ex if you went back?


Uh… I don’t know if I’m planning to go back or not. I have, a lot of friends that I miss and would like to see again but it’s not something I take lightly. .I’m not 100% how I would feel while I was there. I imagine some part of me would feel like I was home again. But home meant that I was laying in bed next to someone I cared very much about, obviously that’s not going to happen. Even if I was certain I was going back I don’t know that I could see my ex again. I don’t know if she would want to see me. I don’t know. There are a lot of things that I haven’t considered, and don’t know that I am ready to consider. 

Would the nosy anon like to identify themself?


please enjoy this video of an action packed, high speed fight between two cats.

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Anonymous asked: AUTOCOCK



Fuck you Maegan

Fuck you

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